Why Good Content Matters for SEO

The following expert SEO advice provided courtesy of Greenville SEO.

If you own a small business and you have a website, you may be wondering how to get it ranking higher in the search engines. If that’s you, I have two words of advice for you…

Good Content

blog content imageWhat do I mean, you ask? Well, keep in mind that when someone enters your search term into their Google search bar, they are actually looking for something. It’s Google’s goal to give it to them, and provide relevant results in return for their search. google only succeeds, and keeps people coming back and using their search engine over and over again, when they provide very relevant results to the queries people type.

So, when Google ranks a web page for a particular search phrase, they are trying to deliver what they believe to be the most relevant webpages for that query. If your site has content, and I mean really good content, that relates to the query, you stand a better chance of ranking highly. Of course, there are a lot more factors involved, but content is a big one.


Write More

writing good web contentThe solution is to provide, on your web page, a really well-written, well-crafted article or piece of content, that specifically addresses the search you are trying to rank for. for example, if the search phrase you are trying to rank for is “low carb cooking,” don’t simply put a few pictures and a couple hundred words of poorly written text on your page.

Instead, take your time and write a really good article of several hundred, or even several thousand, words. Research low carb cooking and write about it with knowledge, humor, and insight. Include a recipe or two if you can. Make your content interesting, and make sure you don’t copy it from anywhere else. it should be 100% original. Like this article, which you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

How Do I…

Simple. start by asking yourself some questions your readers might ask. Assume they don’t know anything. You may be the world’s foremost expert on your topic, but approach the subject as a newbie might. Returning to our example, what might be some questions a total newbie might have about low carb cooking?

How about this one…

I’m hearing a lot about low carb cooking. What’s the big deal?

If you take that question and set about answering it, I’m betting you could create several hundred words of excellent web content just from that one question alone. And there are lots more questions right behind it, aren’t there?

Content Has Another SEO Benefit

There is another awesome SEO (search engine optimization) benefit to writing and supplying great content on your website or page. People will find your content, and they will want to link to it. Think about it. If i own a blog about low carb cooking, and I find your page, I will naturally want to share your excellent content with my readers, and I’ll put a link on my site pointing to your page, without you even having to ask me. Google and the other search engines (Bing and Yahoo) love that, and they reward you for those new links with even higher rankings.

Of course, I’m over simplifying, but you get the idea. So, go ahead and write some new, awesome content for your web pages. Your site visitors will thank you, and Google just might reward you with a better search ranking.